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  • Book: A_Selection_Of_25

    Book: A_Selection_Of_25

    At The Other Art Fair I will launch my new artist’s book “A_Selection_Of_25_From_JHG_By_*:bot_(2018)” in a very limited edition of 25. The publication (and my show during the art fair) is a continuation of my dispersal practice, but this time in a commercial context.

  • Events at Time After Time Exhibition

    Events at Time After Time Exhibition

    Three events I take part in during the Time After Time exhibition at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

  • Exhibition Install and Opening

    Exhibition Install and Opening

    Time After Time, 8 September – 3 November 2018 Caroline Bergvall, Victor Burgin, Hamad Butt, John Latham, Charlotte Posenenske and Walter van Rijn. John Hansard Gallery Southampton UK.   Exhibition install and opening More info on the exhibition >

  • He Thought That UGLD (2018)

    He Thought That UGLD (2018)

    Walter van Rijn, He Thought That UGLD (2018) New Media work 20 of a series of 25; Digital print face-mounted on plexiglass, with aluminium subframe, 30.5 x 41.5 x 2.5 cm; Artwork created for the “Time After Time” exhibition at John Hansard Gallery 2018. Limited Edition of 10.  £250 This edition is the only print…

  • Exhibition: Time After Time, John Hansard Gallery

    Exhibition: Time After Time, John Hansard Gallery

    Time After Time is curated by Professor Stephen Foster, John Hansard Gallery’s Director from 1987–2017 and reflects on the Gallery‘s history and programme.

  • Multiple: UGLD Packaging Tape with Dispenser

    Multiple: UGLD Packaging Tape with Dispenser

    Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion, Promo! Including Packaging Tape and Dispenser (2015-2018). 2x Printed adhesive vinyl tape and 1x Hand Tape Dispenser in taped carton box. Tape: Adhesive vinyl tape 50 mm x 66 meter, printed with text: “Caution Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion” in a font designed by VVVR. Hand Tape Dispenser: variable Box, ca. 25…

  • Book: A_Selection_Of_66

    Book: A_Selection_Of_66

    Walter van Rijn 2018 A_Selection_Of_66_From_JHG : Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion Artist’s Book, Softback, Crown Quarto Format 246x189mm, 160 pp Limited Edition of 33 numbered and signed copies

  • Display


    For the exhibition Time After Time I am planning to create several displays that re-imagine an exhibition history. This display is an example of the module Display, which is a combination of software and hardware. It forms part of the long-term project UGLYD, which I described in an earlier post. One way to explore a…

  • Wall Drawing

    Wall Drawing

    UGLyD wall drawing (2017) graphite, John Hansard Gallery. Testing out possiblities for wall drawings after the artwork time frames I created for the JHG Exhibition Archive. In this archive I have created for each exhibition and artwork an infographic that shows the time frame of that item. It shows how contemporary each exhibition was. Or…

  • Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion, text

    Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion, text

    Text from artist’s book: A_Selection_Of_66_From_JHG : Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion (2018) It introduces the terms unconsumable, global, luxury and dispersion, in relation to my artist’s practice and my upcoming exhibition at the Hansard Gallery.