Artist's Book: Walter van Rijn, A Selection Of 25

Book: A_Selection_Of_25

Walter van Rijn

Artist's Book, Softback, A4 Format 300x210mm, 40 pp, 25 works. 

Limited Edition of 25 numbered and signed copies.

ISBN 978-1-9164523-2-9 

Price GBP £25

At The Other Art Fair I will launch my new artist’s book “A_Selection_Of_25_From_JHG_By_*:bot_(2018)” in a very limited edition of 25. The publication (and my show during the art fair) is a continuation of my dispersal practice, but this time in a commercial context.

The artist’s book contains images of the 25 works I showed in the exhibition Time After Time. Because these new media works are created digitally and by algorithm, they could potentially be multiplied indefinitely. However, as the artworld runs on uniqueness, I have solidified and materialised these works in two forms: one unique set of 25 objects in plexiglass*) and a limited edition book of 25 printed copies.
In addition, I created a digital PDF making it possible to disperse a low resolution version wherever it wants to go. (Click on the image above to view or download the PDF.)

The dispersion of the pdf’s is practically untraceable, but we can trace the actual unique objects and the 25 books. Of the printed books 6 copies will be submitted to the Legal Deposit Libraries: the British Library, Bodleian Library Oxford University, The Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin. One copy I keep for my personal archive. So that leaves 18 copies for sale. If you are interested let me know.

*) One exception (there is always one): The work “He Thought That She Was Kind” is available at the John Hansard Gallery as an edition of 10. It is actually a different version because it has a different background .


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