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  • Print and Process Exhibition

    Print and Process Exhibition

    Exhibition: Print and Process 1 March – 8 June 2018 Level 4 Gallery, Hartley Library, University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

  • to perform: SO: to speak

    to perform: SO: to speak

    How Can You & I Ever Be Free In the 21st C? A performance together with Jane Birkin as part of the SO: to speak festival of words in Southampton on 21st October 2017. For the first time we combined our work to perform.

  • How Can You And I Ever Be Free In The 21stC ?

    How Can You And I Ever Be Free In The 21stC ?

    How Can You and I Ever Be Free In The 21stC? (2017) Walter van Rijn Poster on billboard 3x6m, Font Being Human. #REDboard2017, RED Contemprary Arts, Hull UK. #REDboard2017, an off-site project from RED Contemporary Arts in Hull. REDboard is a curated series of thirteen billboard interventions which showcase the works of artists (local and […]

  • UGLD, John Hansard Gallery Exhibition Database (2016-2018)

    UGLD, John Hansard Gallery Exhibition Database (2016-2018)

    Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion (UGLyD) is a project that collects and disperses artwork titles related to an exhibition history. In collaboration with the John Hansard Gallery, Walter van Rijn has aggregated more than 5000 artwork titles from work exhibited in the gallery at the Highfield Campus from the first exhibition in 1980 till the last in 2016.

  • UGLD, A Proposition Exposition (2015)

    UGLD, A Proposition Exposition (2015)

    For this exhibition I archived and catalogued all the physical remains of the artwork I produced during my doctoral research. All objects are boxed up and delivered to the gallery. The condition and display in which these objects are shown is contingent on the choices made by the person (or persons) acting as curator during […]

  • Yes we’re open, NIMK, Amsterdam (2012)

    Yes we’re open, NIMK, Amsterdam (2012)

    Yes we’re open. Exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, NL in 2012. Online and gallery based collaboration showing digital prints and audio at the last exhibition of the institute.

  • Public Art Commission ‘SoundUnit’ (2006-2009)

    Public Art Commission ‘SoundUnit’ (2006-2009)

    Making Public / Art Exhibition to coincide with the opening of SoundUnita public art sculpture, commissioned by Chichester District Council, Rolls-Royce and University of Chichester. 17.06 – 30.07.2010 artOne building, University of Chichester List of works: DVD1: Construction SoundUnit (2009) Video 23 min, colour and sound. Documentation as part of the public art commission DVD2:  […]