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Performance: How Can You & I Ever Be Free In the 21st C?
Jane Birkin and Walter van Rijn
21 October 2017
Tower House, Town Quay Road, Southampton SO14 2NY

A performance of Jane Birkin and Walter van Rijn as part of the SO: to speak festival of words in Southampton on 21st October 2017. For the first time we combined our work to create something, yes well what I don’t know, but it was great to start in Tower House on Town Quay Road. While talking through the kind of stuff we make and performing, reading and discussing we ended up creating a kind of poetic archivalism or poetic machinism. Texts, lists, archival descriptions, and collections of artwork titles transformed to rhythmic sound pieces. Some are very expressive, while others appear to be monotone. The combination of image and sound, performed, is something we can explore much further.

Artist’s Book

We produced a book which covers the work we showed/ performed/ discussed and it features the Being Human font I designed.
Jane Birkin & Walter van Rijn, To Perform: SO: To Speak, VVVR 2017  is available now as a softback book, 52 pages, 3 b&w illustrations, 198 x 129mm.  If you are interested email me to reserve a copy of this limited edition (of 20) for £10. There are only a few copies left.

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Review and work on Soundcloud

Stuart Ffoulks has writen a nice review on his blog: A Thousand Words

I’ve made a few of the text-sound pieces we performed available on Souncloud, see links below.


Walter van Rijn 2017, To Perform: SO To Speak






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