UGLD, A Proposition Exposition (2015)

For this exhibition I archived and catalogued all the physical remains of the artwork I produced during my doctoral research. All objects are boxed up and delivered to the gallery. The condition and display in which these objects are shown is contingent on the choices made by the person (or persons) acting as curator during the exposition.

During two events a team of curators created two different exhibitions of the work. 21st Januari 2015: Jane Birkin (Special collections, Hartley Library UoS) and Rima Chahrour (Artist-researcher). 29th January: Ros Carter and Hannah Collins (Hansard Gallery). Video documentation of the curating, unpacking, installing and de-installing  become part of the project. The result from this private event is open to the public only for one day [2 October 2015] at the Winchester Gallery, UK.

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