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  • Research: Hortus

    Research: Hortus

    Hortus is a new project, which involves research into the early Renaissance Botanic Gardens of Padua (IT) and Leiden (NL). I’m very glad to receive the a-n Artist Bursary so I can start my project with visiting these sites and their libraries.

  • Book: A_Selection_Of_66

    Book: A_Selection_Of_66

    Walter van Rijn 2018 A_Selection_Of_66_From_JHG : Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion Artist’s Book, Softback, Crown Quarto Format 246x189mm, 160 pp Limited Edition of 33 numbered and signed copies

  • Digital Sketchbook

    Digital Sketchbook

    After some tinkering, trial and error I am developing a digital sketch book with FileMaker. The current version uses the ‘web viewer’ within FileMaker to capture drawing (See FMEasyCanvas, details  on Github) Hopefully that will sort out all the pieces of paper with notes and drawings that are scattered everywhere in my studio. Probably wishful…

  • Display


    For the exhibition Time After Time I am planning to create several displays that re-imagine an exhibition history. This display is an example of the module Display, which is a combination of software and hardware. It forms part of the long-term project UGLYD, which I described in an earlier post. One way to explore a…

  • Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion, text

    Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion, text

    Text from artist’s book: A_Selection_Of_66_From_JHG : Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion (2018) It introduces the terms unconsumable, global, luxury and dispersion, in relation to my artist’s practice and my upcoming exhibition at the Hansard Gallery.

  • UGLD, John Hansard Gallery Exhibition Database (2016-2018)

    UGLD, John Hansard Gallery Exhibition Database (2016-2018)

    Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion (UGLyD) is a project that collects and disperses artwork titles related to an exhibition history. In collaboration with the John Hansard Gallery, Walter van Rijn has aggregated more than 5000 artwork titles from work exhibited in the gallery at the Highfield Campus from the first exhibition in 1980 till the last…

  • Symbiotic Fonts

    Symbiotic Fonts

    The new font I am going to use for the Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion project is called Being Human.

  • Rethinking The Status Of The Art Object Through Distribution

    Rethinking The Status Of The Art Object Through Distribution

    I have recently published my thesis online at the academia website. Here is the abstract and link to download.

  • UGLD, A Proposition Exposition (2015)

    UGLD, A Proposition Exposition (2015)

    For this exhibition I archived and catalogued all the physical remains of the artwork I produced during my doctoral research. All objects are boxed up and delivered to the gallery. The condition and display in which these objects are shown is contingent on the choices made by the person (or persons) acting as curator during…

  • Repository for TITLE(date)

    Repository for TITLE(date)

    I have archived several collections of artwork titles at SourceForge. UGLyD Walter van Rijn: contains a list of titles from my own works, created during my PhD thesis TITLE(date) Hansard: contains a database of artwork titles exhibited between 1 March 2003 and 17 August 2013 in the John Hansard Gallery. Collated in collaboration with the…