Walter van Rijn (2020) Being Android Having Freedoms, video still

Being Android, Having Freedoms

New Ink Drawings

While working from home and pondering my freedoms, I am creating drawings in collaboration with a little drawing robot. In the future Androids will have to fight for their rights to. This series of 5 works set out their rights line by line, repetitively and is drawn or written in ink. It might be robotic but it is not quick. It can take the robot 4 hours to draw one layer of text, letter after letter. Drawings from series 2 are available through ARTIQ for sale or hire. This series will grow and I will add the images to this post. So revisit this page if you are interested.

The drawings are on acid-free Hahnemuehle paper and with conservation-grade framing: Natural wood box frame, non-reflective glass, backing with acid-free conservation paper. Framed size 380 x 500 mm.

Being Android_text2 series

Walter van Rijn (2020) BeingAndroid_text201; ink on paper; 300x420mm (380x500mm framed); hybrid human robotic drawing. All papers acid-free and framing conservation standard with reflection free glass. For this series, I used a computer-generated font which is just about readable for us humans. The full text is cut up and spread over the five drawings. It reads:

“§Being Android§=All Born Free And Equal+Right To Life+No Slavery+No Torture+No Arbitrary Arrest+Legally A Hybrid Person & Equal+Right To Remedy+Fair Hearing+Presumed Innocent+Right To Privacy+To Asylum+To Nationality+To Marry+To Own Property+Freedom Of Movement+Of Thought+Of Expression+Of Assembly+ Elections+Social Equality+Right To Work And Equal Pay+To Rest And Health+To Education+Of Authorship § AndroidRights are Universal+Indivisible+Inalienable§”

Being Android drawings at Saatchi

Being Android_text1 series: BeingAndroid_text111, BeingAndroid_text112 and BeingAndroid_text115 are available online through Saatchi Gallery. These are the drawings you see in the video. More drawings from text 1 series will follow.

Walter van Rijn, BeingAndroid text 1 series
Walter van Rijn BeingAndroid_text1 series;(2020); 
ink on paper; 300x420mm; hybrid human/robotic drawing on acid-free paper.






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