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Walter van Rijn, Hybrid Drawing10, 2022. Ink and pencil on paper, 42 x 30 cm

Hybrid Drawing

I was recently commissioned to create an artwork and this is the making process. It is an interaction between me and the digital world of software and robotics. Question: Who leads? Drawing by hand or drawing by a robotic arm? I discovered that the robot […]

Tis True without Lying 9 part drawing

Tis True Without Lying (Large Drawing)

I have appropriated a small part of Newton’s translation to create a new textual artwork, and by doing so I am following the process of ongoing translations that this text has brought about.

UGLyD wall drawing (2017) graphite, John Hansard Gallery

Wall Drawing

UGLyD wall drawing (2017) graphite, John Hansard Gallery. Testing out possiblities for wall drawings after the artwork time frames I created for the JHG Exhibition Archive. In this archive I have created for each exhibition and artwork an infographic that shows the time frame of […]