The Telephone Exhibition: Collaboration in Covid Times

Tis True without Lying will be exhibited later this year in the online exhibition Telephone. I will let you know when! The ART and CAKE magazine has a nice preview on this exhibition and features also a fantastic interview with the organiser Nathan Langston.

Collaboration in Covid Times: A Look at Two Online Exhibitions that Create Connection

Written by Genie Davis

In pandemic times, when we are all restricted from seeing and experiencing art and artists in person, what could be better than staying connected through creation? Two different projects encouraged just that, with collaborative experiences that defy the virus to infect our spirits.
Seattle-based Nathan Langston has participants using his Telephone, while the Los Angeles-based Kristine Schomaker created Call & Response. Both collaborative projects have shaped a unique, wonderful, and inspiring response to the pandemic isolation.
According to Langston, “loneliness” was the basis for beginning the project initially. “There are many fine, high-brow intellectual pursuits and theories being explored in TELEPHONE, but the beginning was just plain loneliness, which is a splendid impetus for making art and for playing games,” he explains.

You can read the full acticle here >

True Without Lying 202; 2020;
Walter van Rijn; Tis True Without Lying; 2020; Ink on paper, In collaboration with drawing robot. 420 x 297mm Telephone project 2020 (Print 2, interruption 02)


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