Being Human Font: Playing with letters

Being Human Font
Being Human A8 paper cards
Being Human (2016) Font software with OFL (SIL Open Font License)

The Being Human font features words within the capitals. Words which are only readable by us, humans, and not by the computers which use the font. The additional words are also not visible to digital search engines, nor visible to other digital surveillance. How? Simply put, the additional words are only readable in print. You could say that the additional words remain analog because they are not more than instructions to produce lines in a digital file.

The words I added relate to the human rights and freedoms as they are formulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. See for more information. Human rights are inalienable from every human being. Through this font the Universal Declaration of Human Rights become symbiotically merged within every text. If you use this font your text will include a mini version of the human rights, although the reader might not be aware of it if you use it in normal size (for example 12 points). Only if you use it in large sizes (for example 48 points) the words become readable. I felt compelled to create this font because the precarious state of the human rights in the world. My government and your government are very unlikely to improve these rights as they were declared almost 70 years ago. See for instance this article in the Guardian: A crisis for human rights’: new index reveals global fall in basic justice’

It is down to us to make this happen: use, disperse and promote your human rights with every sentence you write. vvvr 2016

Download link: Being Human Font File
To use the font, download the Being_Human.ttf (fontfile) and place it in your computer’s font folder.

For more information on this font and other download links :


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