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Being Human Font, paragraph

VVVR Publishing publishes artist’s books, prints, and multiples in limited and sometimes unlimited editions.
Some of the works are available directly from the artist. You can pay with any card, no PayPal account needed. If you like more information don’t hesitate and email me  mail at

Birkin & van Rijn. To Perform: So: To Speak. Digital edition 2020

Jane Birkin & Walter van Rijn, To Perform: SO: To Speak (2020)

Artist’s Book, Digital edition (PDF and E-book); ISBN 978-1-9164523-3-6; 52 pages, 4 b&w illustrations. [After receiving payment I will send you an email with the PDF and e-book attached.]


For more details see the post about this work.

Walter van Rijn, A_Selection_Of_66_From_JHG 2018, Artist's Book Cover

Artist’s Book: A_Selection_Of_66_from_JHG, Walter van Rijn ed. (2020)

Digital Edition 2020 (PDF). ISBN 978-1-9164523-4-3; 160pp; 66 illustrations. 2 Articles: Archival Machinations by Jane Birkin; Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion: This Alongside That by Walter van Rijn. [After receiving payment I will send an email with the book PDF attached.]


For more details see the post about this work.

Being Human Font, paragraph

You can also hire my artwork for your home or office through ARTIQ.
My prints are available through Saatchi.