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Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion.
UGLyD is a long-term art project that comments on the distribution of art and other consumer goods through online, archival and gallery based networks. It plays with the flow of things and how our categorisations of humans, objects and other things defines access and visibility. It often generates hybrid or symbiotic objects that seek out new ways to disperse art. For example, text-based works that are dispersed through a font, a tape, a database.
As part of this project, I conducted research into the exhibition history of the John Hansard Gallery and I created a database to be able to analyse and display all information on the exhibitions, artworks and artists.
The artwork I generated from this database rematerialises the exhibition history in multiple forms, including books and software that simulates viewing art collections over a long period of time.

Symbiotic Fonts

The new font I am going to use for the Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion project is called Being Human.